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I work as a qualified homeopath, Asyra (Quest 4) bioresonance practitioner and allergy therapist with training in the use of nutrition, herbs and essential oils, helping others to regain their wellbeing.

Originally trained as a professional musician and teacher, I understand the frustrations of not being well or not performing at your peak, whatever the reason may be. I appreciate how anxiety and worry can affect your capabilities whether you are experienced or a young student worried about exams.

I trained after homeopathy impressed me when my daughter’s debilitating throat infections of two years permanently disappeared after two weeks of treatment. There was no other conventional option for my Rosacea of 14 years after long term antibiotics and topical creams had no effect. Homeopathy relieved my problem and gave me greater energy and vitality too. It has also been particularly useful in helping me to navigate my children through childhood and growing up and they now rarely need conventional medicine.

I use non-invasive bioresonance testing to accurately choose the remedies and supplements to improve your health or performance.

I work primarily in Wiltshire at the conveniently located Sarum Physiotherapy Centre, 213 Devizes Road, Salisbury. SP2 9LT where there is ample parking. It is approximately a 20 minute walk from Salisbury train station or a 10 minute Reds 10 bus journey from outside the train station to the centre itself. These go every 30 minutes.


What is Bioresonance testing?
Asyra - Quest 4 machineBioresonance testing was developed over 70 years ago by Dr Reinhold Voll and the Asyra screening system, also known as the Quest 4, is now in its 11th generation. It uses two brass cylinders, usually handheld, to measure the energetic health of the organs via the Chinese meridian acupuncture points. The skin’s resistance is measured non-invasively, painlessly and very quickly and anyone at any age, including during pregnancy, can be tested. This can also be done remotely from a hair sample if visiting is inconvenient.

The results can be seen by the patient on the screen within minutes.

The Asyra, one of the most advanced testing systems globally, was tested by the University of Utah Physics Department who correctly identified imprinted remedy samples. A study “The Effectiveness of the Asyra in Assessing Sub-Physiologic Thyroid Levels in Women 35-65 Years of Age” yielded a 97% correlation with conventional blood analysis, showing exceptional accuracy.

What does it do?
The Asyra can tell whether the organs are stressed or depleted and natural remedies are given to bring the organs back into balance which could improve overall health and performance. This is useful for those who are unwell but may also benefit healthy people who want to prevent the degeneration of their health. Sportspeople may improve their performance beyond purely physical training as it also gives nutritional assessments, hormonal profile, toxicity, emotional stressors, food sensitivities, heavy metals, pathogens and many, many more items which may thwart a person’s effectiveness and energy levels. Mental and emotional issues can also be addressed.

Any supplements, special foods or dietary items used by the patient can also be tested for their effect on the body. It will indicate whether or not these are beneficial and if so will recommend the optimum dosage and frequency too. This can save on the unnecessary purchase or excess consumption of supplements or paying for expensive hair analysis, nutritional status, stool samples etc which are often requested by practitioners.

What can it help with?
The Asyra helps the individual regain wellness by accurately finding the correct remedies which may improve the efficiency of the mind and body as a whole and therefore potentially any ailment or injury, acute or chronic, may improve as a result. The tolerances can be adjusted for athletes to hone in on smaller deviations which could improve performance. It does not diagnose named conditions and is not a substitute for visiting your doctor.

A bespoke remedy is taken for 3 – 6 weeks and one or more follow up consultations will measure the changes with new remedies given to further improve health. These can be taken alongside conventional medication.

What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a 200 year old medical system developed by a doctor who wanted more gentle and effective treatments for his family and patients. It has been available on the NHS since its inception in 1948 with many doctors respecting, valuing and using it. The World Health Organisation states that, after Chinese Medicine, it is the second most highly used health system globally.

Only natural substances, mostly plants and minerals, are used in minute doses to boost the body’s own defence mechanism to recover from dis-ease. It considers the whole person with their unique symptoms and not the illness alone so two people with the same problem may need different remedies.

Who uses homeopathy and when?
Anyone at any age is able to use homeopathy, from the newborn, through pregnancy to the elderly and may gain relief from mental or physical health issues, injury, after surgery or dental work.
Doctors use it (read more)     Vets use it (read more)    Famous people use it (read more)
200 million people worldwide use homeopathy with 100 million in Europe (read more).

Is homeopathy safe?
Yes, one of the safest medical systems. Natural substances are used and there are no ‘side effects’ as felt with conventional medicine. Remedies can also be taken at the same time as other medication or other treatments. It works particularly well with physical therapies.

How do you know homeopathy works?
The scientific world has questioned homeopathy and dismissed its benefits as it cannot yet explain the exact mechanism by which it works. There is much misinformation written, but there is also 200 years of anecdotal evidence that homeopathy has helped millions of people worldwide. An increasing number of high quality scientific studies also show that its benefits are well beyond placebo (read more).

Just before going on a long-distance car journey I had a bout of burning, cramping cystitis and knew I would have to stop several times on the way. Karen gave me a pill, the symptoms disappeared and I made the three-hour journey without stopping. It worked really quickly and I haven’t had it since.”   Mrs P


Runner sitting on the ground with an injured knee. Homeopathy SalisburyHomeopathy, commonly used for musculoskeletal problems, may help the body recover more quickly from injuries and intense physical training, particularly important for athletes. It may also relieve any associated mental and emotional trauma.

Usain Bolt has congenital scoliosis. He has used homeopathy from the age of 16 and is a patient of Dr Muller-Wohifahrt who uses homeopathy in his work. Other patients of his include Paula Radcliffe, Tyson Gay, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andy Murray and the German national football team (read more). The French football team also use homeopathy regularly including during their World Cup win in 1998 (read more ). According to Weleda, over a dozen Premier League football teams and rugby clubs buy and use their Arnica range.

Wrist injury with strapping. Homeopathy SalisburyInflammation is a natural physical response to injury and needed for the healing and renewal of tissue. Medicines, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, reduces this response and eases pain and discomfort but  this may also slow the speed of natural healing.

Homeopathy helps the natural healing process and works well with other physical therapies e.g. massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. It also supports recovery after surgery.

Imprinted dermal patches can be used on any part of the body to focus the remedies.



Food sensitivities are now commonplace with a wide range of symptoms experienced simply as a result of an intolerance to a food or ingredient, lack of digestive enzymes, nutritional deficiencies, modern day stresses, malabsorption or phenolic sensitivities. It is essential to know how foods affect the body and therefore a food sensitivity test is done at each consultation. Over 400 items are tested and any that weaken the system or have an inflammatory effect are noted, including to what extent. These items can then be avoided or their consumption reduced until the remedies have reduced their sensitivity.

Other tests which can be run if necessary include:

Allergen Sensitivities: Animals, insects, dust, fabrics, pollens, moulds, parasites, yeasts etc. Histamine and cortisol responses.

Environmental Sensitivities: Air pollutants, chemicals, fossil fuels, heavy metals, pests, materials, harmful energies etc.

Nutritional Deficiencies: Amino acids, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, minerals, supplements, vitamins, Candida. etc.

Supplements: Nutritional supplements can be tested for and added to the remedy or the material supplement suggested.

“Although I ate a really healthy diet and didn’t think I had problems with foods, I still didn’t feel well. Gluten came up and surprisingly, amongst other things, strawberries, chives and mint. I thought these were healthy! Within a few days of avoiding them my stomach flattened, my bloating disappeared and my core muscles and body felt much stronger. These foods were the cause of my lack of energy, aching limbs, inability to focus and digestive issues. I’ve now added these foods back into my diet and seem to be able to tolerate them now without any issues.”  Mrs T


Modern living constantly exposes us to toxins. The effects from pollution in the air we breathe, the stress on our lives, the personal products we use, the food we consume and the medications and vaccinations we receive can be immediate or become evident some time after the event.

Bioresonance testing can identify toxins and pathogens and remedies can be given to help rid the body of these, returning you to wellness.

“Never been well since” taking the contraceptive pill, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, having vaccinations (DTaP, MMR, HPV, flu etc), anaesthesia, surgery or long term effects from injury or shock may be felt, sometimes with ongoing and seemingly permanent effect.

It is possible to detoxify the body of substances such as the chemicals, preservatives and adjuvants found in drugs, vaccines or anaesthetics and from other every day exposures to toxins. This may assist elimination in general and result in increased wellness.

I saw the change in a family member diagnosed with Asperger’s and dyspraxia after detoxifying their vaccinations over a period of time. They are now healthier with fewer illnesses and show no signs of Asperger’s.


pregnant lady lying on settee. Homeopathy Salisbury.
mother with baby and young daughter. Homeopathy Salisbury.

It is always advisable to see your doctor when unwell during pregnancy to eliminate serious problems but homeopathy may help in managing the associated symptoms of pregnancy, a time of great change physically and mentally. Conventional medicine may be more restrictive at this time or you may want to use more natural therapies.

Homeopathy may also help symptoms during labour and after birth for both mother, baby and the developing child and can be used alongside conventional treatments e.g. arnica is well known for treating bruising. Homeopathy is particularly useful when anxious to reduce stress and relax the body which may make labour easier and help get the baby into the correct position for birth.

A 1983 randomised double blind trial by Dorfman, Lassere and Tetan published in the journal Cahiers de Biotherapie in April 1987 noted that, of the 93 women who gave birth,  those who took homeopathic remedies laboured for 5.1 hours compared with 8.5 hours in the placebo group. The rate of complications in those using homeopathy was 11.3% compared with 40% in the placebo group.

Children respond particularly well to homeopathy which may help them recover more promptly from everyday bumps, bruises and illnesses. Homeopathy can also help with the common issues of growing up such as school stresses, puberty and teenage problems.


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